Line Concrete Pump Trailer Rental Malaysia

Are you finding concrete pump types that are high-performance? The main type of concrete pump is either mounted on a truck or placed on a trailer-mounted concrete pump which can greatly enhance the overall reliability of the concrete pump trailer.

Using a concrete pump is a kind of composite pumping requirement for a concrete pump, as you want to have a concrete pump that may be completely functional and will last longer in our trailer mounted concrete pump.

We have the small size concrete pump, mini concrete trailer pump and mini concrete pumps for sale or for rent. A diesel type concrete mixer pump is also called a self loading concrete mixer with pumps.

Our features of diesel concrete pump for sale or for rent also include pumping unit maintenance, hydraulic and lubrication systems. The hydraulic system mainly consists of three pumps. The first one is to swing the oil cylinder. A second pump controls the movements of the main cylinder. Lastly is the stirred motor. If your construction site’s electric voltage is low, your ideal choice is diesel type concrete pump.

The concrete pumping machine has various kinds, such as trailer concrete pump, Truemax concrete pump and Zoomlion concrete trailer pump.


Electric motor S Valve stationary, electric concrete pump mixer truck and diesel concrete mixer with pump for rent for sale. We also have new mini concrete pump machine and electric concrete trailer pump for sale in Malaysia or for rent in Malaysia.

All types of our concrete pump are attached to a truck, which usually works with all types of the concrete mixer truck or concrete truck mixer. Normally, concrete pump uses a wireless radio remote control system, which is easy to operate for users and very convenient.


Trailer mounted line pumps. Through the disk button, easy to operate, you can automatically with draw the concrete piston into the water tank, Truemax’s unique double cylinder piston return technology reduces replacement time of concrete piston from two hours to ten minutes.

Diesel concrete pump for sale or for rent. The small portable concrete pumping machine has two types of diesel concrete trailer pump and diesel concrete pump with mixer. The small mobile concrete pump is an important item on construction industry sites.

Portable concrete mixing pump or diesel concrete mixer pump with two wheels are as mobile concrete pump are in high demand because mobile concrete pump adopts diesel engine, which are economical and very flexible to move. Ask for our mobile concrete mixer pump price rental, our salesman will give you the best price quotation on mobile concrete mixer pump rental.

Characteristics Of Station Concrete Pump Malaysia. Rent or concrete pump for sale has two types of concrete trailer pumps. Rent a concrete pump or small concrete pump for sale can be divided into diesel engine concrete pump and electric pump motors.

Various models concrete pump on trailer has different maximum theoretic delivery volume. All types of the concrete trailer pump usually work with the concrete mixer truck. This Mini Electric Concrete Mixer Pump is applicable for fine stone concrete mixing, and transporting it to construction sites.

Trailer concrete pumps for sale and high strength stationary concrete pump rental Malaysia. How to choose the right mobile concrete pump or trailer mounted concrete pumps? The new stationary concrete pump, also called an electric trailer concrete pump, is a trailer type concrete pump combined with concrete mixer trucks.

The electric concrete mixing pumps are compulsory concrete mixer pump machine with concrete mixer drums to ensure long time continuous operation and long life. They can produce high-grade concrete. With high-pressure, low-emission and low pressure.